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dump trailer (side tipper trailer)
  • dump trailer (side tipper trailer)

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side dump trailer, side tipper trailer


Side Dump trailer (Side Tipper Trailer)offered by us are used in civil contracting works like road work and construction process for transporting material. Sand, gravel, aggregate, coal, clinker and bauxite can be transported using these trailers. Moreover, these trailers are also used to transport material from mines. Depending upon specifications and prime mover model, we offer these trailers variants ranging from 18 Cum to 45 Cum.


The sidewall of these trailers are usually manufactured using 4 mm thick steel for maximum durability. Furthermore, the panels are reinforced by front, rear and intermediate stiffeners. We also offer these trailers to the clients at cost effective rates. As for thickness of sidewall and floor, it can be customized.


Side dump tipper, 2-3 axles, with capacity from 24CBM, 32CBM to 46CBM, is specially designed for bulk goods delivery, like cole, sand and stone. With 4-5 lifting hydraulic cylinders, it can discharge goods from the carrirer in the fastest way and move its body hydraulically when finishing offloading.

Box: 6mm side wall, 8mm floor sheet. Size and dimension can be spefified by customer's choice.

Chassis: Special design for heavy duty and extra durability

Jack: HYVA hydraulic system

Landing Gear: 28T, 2 speeds.

King pin: 2" or 3.5" bolt-in King pin



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