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windmill blade transport adaptor
  • windmill blade transport adaptor

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windmill blade transport adaptor


Blade adaptor and trailer specification

Equipped with 3 axle lines (6 axles) low-bed trailer.

Trailer length: 16000mm

Trailer width: 3000mm

Trailer loading capacity: around 60ton

Trailer platform height: less than 1100mm

Tyre: 8.25R20

Kingpin and auxiliary support: 90#(JOST-SHANGHAI)

Axle: 13ton (180x420)

Material: Q550D, Q460,Q350

Dead weight of trailer (3 axle lines 6 axles): 15,500kg

Dead weight of blade adaptor: 11,500kg

Adaptor adopts slewing bearing (external tooth type) and hydraulic slewing gear drive.

Inclination derricking cylinder 250

Angle of depression is 60° maximum (-5°to 55°). It can turn 0-360° when balance angle.

User should provide flange connecting hole size of blade end, blade length, blade weight, blade center of gravity position, and so on.


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