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low bed trailer
  • low bed trailer

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low bed semi-trailer


Different types of Flat Bed Trailers can be available from us.


1) Dimensions and weight:
A) Nominal dimensions (L x W x H): 13, 000 x 3, 000 x 1, 750mm
B) King pin height: 1, 300mm
C) Laden height: 1, 200mm
D) King pin setting: 500mm from rear face of front bolster
E) Max. Payload: 59, 000kg
F) Tare weight: 9, 000kg± 2%
2) Running system:
A) Suspension system: Leaf spring or airbag suspension
B) Axle: Various axles like BPW, YORK and FUWA with various bearings
D) Tire: Various brands of bias tires or radial tires.
E) King pin: Forged steel, 2" or 3.5", welded or bolt-in
F) Landing gear: 24T, 25T

3) Chassis:
A) Main beam: High-tensile steel
B) Surface preparation: Shot blast
C) Painting: Zinc-rich primer and modified urethane topcoat as customers' choices
4) Brake system:
A) Double line air brake system with single air tank, standard connectors on
Front bolster
B) Optional anti-lock brake system
5) Electrical system: Standard electrical equipment
6) Accessories: Rear loading ladder

1) Heavy duty and goose neck construction with loading ladder
2) All major structural steel parts of high-tensile steel
3) Entire chassis shot-blasted
4) Paint system comprising zinc rich primer and urethane topcoat paint.


Hereby, we show our 70ton low bed trailer data as below:

Payload: 70ton

Kurb weight: 12ton

Kingpin: 3.5inch

Weight on kingpin: 22ton

Rear three axle: 60ton

Axle: 20ton, 3pc

Tire: 12.00-24, 12set

Rim: 8.5

Frame: main beam 50mm, wing plate thickness over 18mm, web plate thickness over 8mm, Q345 steel.



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